Thrive Wellness Bangles

The Gratitude To Bliss lifestyle is about loving and appreciating YOU.

Created by health coaches, these bangles are the perfect reminder to nourish your body every day with 8 glasses of water.

Each time I enjoy a glass of H2O, I switch a bangle to my other arm and think of something I am grateful for.

When I wear my bangles, I feel so blessed.

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Set of 8 stainless steel bangles each engraved with an inspiring word to mindfully motivate you to start thriving.

Infinite possibilities start with the simple act of drinking 8 glasses of water.

  • begin your day with all 8 beautifully designed, stainless steel bangle bracelets on one wrist
  • every time you drink a glass of water, move a bangle to the opposite arm and recall something you are grateful for
  • as you move the bangles be mindfully motivated to appreciate everything, including clean water
  • each bangle is engraved with an empowering word to fuel your success


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