Grateful Coaches

I have a soft spot for health coaches. We are the ones who have struggled to find our own way through the dark, daunting maze of health care and have succeeded where others have failed.

As coaches, we all want our clients to succeed. What I believe makes working with a coach more effective than working with other practitioners are the tools we offer. All the information in the world will not help someone who is too stuck in fear or hopelessness, or is too overwhelmed by stress to make the changes they really want for themselves. It is the tools we give them that ultimately help them break through these challenges and find their own way to success.

On my own journey and by connecting with other Health Coaches through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have found that for every person I know who has overcome a major health challenge, gratitude played a role.

And since scientific research proves gratitude has healing effects on the body, I truly believe that every client deserves to have this tool, and every coach deserves to be supported in offering their clients an introduction to gratitude.

That is why I created my free guide
just for you and your clients:
5 Ways to Elevate Your Coaching Practice
With Gratitude.
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