Love Life Every Day With the Gratitude to Bliss App!

Up your game with the Gratitude to Bliss App – now available on iTunes and Google Play!

Now with daily gratitude inspiration all year long. The Gratitude to Bliss App helps you focus on all the good things in life with strength, courage, and resilience. 

It’s the #1 gratitude app created by a health coach and designed to increase your health and happiness in just five minutes a day. Free for 14 days!

Research shows, people who practice gratitude regularly report becoming 20-25% happier!

Download the Gratitude to Bliss App now and see for yourself how life-changing a regular gratitude practice can be.

Some of my favorite Gratitude To Bliss App Users…


“Today I am grateful for today, for it is the only day that I have. The Gratitude To Bliss App helps me stay present of the things that are most important. It keeps me focused and gives me a chance to express my gratitude in a completely different way.”


“Today I am truly grateful for all I am learning about having a happier life. By making happiness a habit, I can find the good in each situation.”


“Gratitude is like food for my soul. Depending on the day and my mood, I use either the Gratitude To Bliss App or the printed Gratitude To Bliss journal. I advocate “Loving Yourself Silly Every Day” as one of the six steps in my process to recover from sugar addiction. Focusing on what I’m grateful for using one of these tools helps me maintain my own recovery each and every day.” —Sue Brown, Author of Simply Sugar Free: Six Simple Steps to Conquer Sugar Addiction


  “After, I mean very soon after, I found gratitude this is what has happened: – got a very nice beach side home that we own – got an awesome job with great income and literally no stress involved. – all of the people that were in my life that were creating resentment just moved on…
– I’ve met new people and have more fantastic friends. I can’t explain why i have had such a shift…. I think that practicing gratitude is the key, and I am sticking to it.” -Steve

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