Gratitude and Stress: Free Online Class for Busy Moms


Join me for this one-of-a-kind chance to ditch the stress once and for all!

In this free class you will learn how the power of gratitude can help you overcome overwhelm and feel happier every day.

Stress is epidemic in our culture and it takes a toll on your health, your relationships, and your overall wellbeing. It drains you and drags you down.

In fact, 75% of doctor and hospital visits are stress related.

I believe that gratitude is the antidote to stress.

I know because I’ve seen it work magic in my life and my clients’ lives.

In this class I will share with you the amazing health benefits of practicing gratitude and how it can help you flip the switch on stress so you can become a happier and healthier Mom – now.

You will learn my best tips for getting started right away so you can feel better and more whole.

As a Mom, you set the tone for health and happiness for your family.

This class is right for you if you are a busy Mom who wants to:

  • Ditch the stress so you can feel more free
  • Overcome overwhelm and be more productive in your day-to-day activities
  • Let go of fear
  • Get a grip on anxiety
  • Improve your health and the health of your family
  • Model gratitude and positivity for your children
  • Feel happier on a daily basis
  • Stay connected to the present moment and experience the true joys of motherhood
  • Develop your own mindfulness practice
  • Worry less and have more fun
  • Feel more excitement for life

The cost to attend is FREE but space is limited!

Register now by filling out this form. Please include “Gratitude and Stress Registration” in the message box.

NOTE: A recording of this class will be sent to you if you are unable to make it live.

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