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Give Your Clients the Gratitude Edge

“From Gratitude to Bliss offers a journey within a journey. We live in challenging times with high expectations of what life is meant to be. We often lose sight of what is so abundantly flowing to us.”

Lorraine Miller has created a simple, elegant tool that has profound, life-changing potential. 

We are, so many of us, too low in our levels of ‘Vitamin G’– an essential nutrient for healing our sorrows and disappointments; for seeking out joy and wholeness; for moving forward in our lives and our inner journeys as we seek to connect with our highest selves and find our ultimate purpose.

For yourself first. Then, for anyone you care about, minister to, coach, work with and love – this journal is a must.”

–Marilena Minucci MS CHHC, Creator Quantum Coaching Method™

Gratitude is the foundation from which all healing can flow. Gift your clients the gratitude edge with this special offer:


12 journals for $149.50

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More praise for From Gratitude to Bliss…

When dealing with intense negative emotions, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders, we often forget to be joyful and grateful for everyday life. From Gratitude to Bliss is a great tool that takes readers on a journey of emotional healing. By starting small, those who never experienced gratitude or those who are so emotionally drained, are able to connect and pull out a few things a day to be grateful for. Throughout their journey, being grateful not only becomes easier, but true healing starts to happen and it’s magical!

–Lindsey Smith, FoodMoodGirl.com

So simple yet so powerful! From Gratitude to Bliss creates an easy way to bring more joy into your life by mindfully creating awareness for all the good in your life. We take so much for granted until we are reminded on each page to take notice of all life has spread out before us. I, for one, am grateful for this beautiful tool that I use daily and also share with my clients because I know how vital Vitamin G is for thriving.

–MaryAnn Jones, Certified Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist, ThriveNaturally.com