Change This One Thing and Everything Else Will Change

Every new year brings new opportunity. A chance to take what you have and make it even better.

What if there was one thing you could do that would affect everything else in a positive way?

What if that one thing took only five minutes a day but was so powerful it gave you results in just a few weeks?

Practicing daily gratitude is that powerful. In fact, it will help you achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

So as you set your goals for 2015, make sure you add a daily gratitude practice to the top of your list.

Whether you are new to practicing gratitude or have been for a while, here are some ways a daily practice can change your life for the better:

Practicing Gratitude Helps You Make Better Decisions and Achieve Your Goals
You will find that when you keep a daily gratitude practice, you become more mindful of things like your body and what you put in it, your relationships and who you choose to be with, and your professional life and how you spend your day-to-day. The best part is that when you start appreciating yourself more, you naturally start doing things that support your true self. Your gratitude practice is much like a behind the scenes coach guiding you to greater wellbeing and life success, often with effortless ease.

Practicing Gratitude Helps You Find What You’re Looking For
OK, this one may sound a bit hokey, but hear me out. When you are stressed and worried, you are operating in a place of fear. This causes you to overlook opportunities that are right in front of you. You may see an opportunity and think that it won’t work out, it’s too difficult, too expensive, too time-consuming or just too good to be true. But when you focus on what’s good in your life for a few minutes a day, you start to see the good in everything. You start to see that success for you is possible, that doubt and fear have no place in your life and that now is the time to start doing what you love – not tomorrow, not next year, now. Practicing gratitude also helps you see more clearly what matters most to you. The things you choose to reflect on each day are a surefire indication of what you truly care about and knowing this helps you stay focused on keeping those things alive in your life.

Practicing Gratitude Helps You Stay Positive When Things Go South
Practicing gratitude on a daily basis rewires your brain to see the positive in every situation. This keeps you emotionally strong and better able to handle whatever life may bring. While you can’t control every circumstance or person in your life, you can control how you feel about negative situations and negative peeps. So if you’ve been feeling like you need more positivity in your life, or you are going through a rough time, a daily gratitude practice is your answer.

Now is the time to make 2015 your year of goodness.

How can you get started immediately? Download the Gratitude to Bliss App now and start practicing today!

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Wishing you a happy, healthy 2015!



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