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How I Overcame Depression

Last week I wrote 50 Things I am grateful for on my 50th birthday. After posting that list, I received a request from one of my favorite fans, I’ll call her “F” from Dubai. She wrote, “I would love if you would talk more about your journey with overcoming depression. That would be so inspiring […]
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50 Things

  Today is my 50th birthday. To celebrate, I give you 50 things I am grateful for in no particular order: That I get to wake up next to my two favorite people: my husband by my side, and my son who crawls into bed with us every morning – he is the best alarm […]
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Vitamin G Your Food

What’s one of the healthiest things you can do to improve your diet? Add some Vitamin G. Seriously, have you ever considered how much is entailed in getting food onto your plate? From the farmer to the truck driver to the store or restaurant owner, to the chef who cooked it, a LOT goes into […]
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Is something missing?

After years of doing the Oprah Show, Oprah Winfrey began talking to her audience after the show to get a better sense of what women needed. What she heard over and over was how much women were craving something more from their lives. Despite having an education, a career, and a family, most women felt […]
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