It’s good to feel good

One of the reasons practicing gratitude is so incredibly powerful is this:

It’s good to feel good.

When you focus on what you are grateful for, you create a positive mindset.

And if you practice what I call Vitamin G, and also focus on the feeling you get when you think about what you are grateful for, then you are not only thinking in a positive way, you are creating a positive energy field within and around yourself.

How cool is that?

Thinking positive thoughts, and feeling positive emotions, raises your vibration.

The higher your vibration, the more easily life flows and the lighter you feel mentally, emotionally and physically. When you are in a high vibration (or positive state), you experience more clarity, power, ease, balance and healing.

When you are in a low, or negative state, the heavier you feel mentally, emotionally and physically, which over time can lead to “dis”-ease.

The more you make choices that feel good, the more you raise your vibration.

It’s a new year. It’s time to feel good. Tweet this!

What are some things you can do today that feel good?

Here are some of mine: 

  • Meditation
  • Remembering to drink plenty of water
  • Going to bed early so I can feel rested
  • Going for a walk
  • Making time to be with friends
  • Yoga
  • Hugging my son, even when he is being difficult
  • Thanking my husband for helping me get us out the door in the morning
  • Taking time off to just be

Now I want to hear from YOU! Please share some of yours in the comments below.


It’s all about the juice!

(NOTE: If you missed last week’s post about prioritizing grapefruits, be sure to check it out here: Grapefruit anyone?) 

As we continue to move into 2018, I want to encourage you, once again, to get clear on what really, truly matters most to you.

STEP ONE: Look back on the past year. What made you smile? What made your heart sing? And also, what are you ready to let go of?

HINT: look at your gratitude journal – it’s your blueprint for joy!

STEP TWO: Once you have identified your “grapefruits” – those big juicy things that matter most to us like spending quality time with family, writing a book, or taking care of our bodies – the next step is to prioritize them in order of importance to you and use “one-pointed focus” to achieve them.

HINT: Try to let go of the voice that says, “I SHOULD do _____” and listen to the voice that says “I LOVE doing _____.”

So, for example, the juiciest grapefruit on my list this year is to deepen my meditation practice and my connection to spirit.

For me, finding just a few minutes every day to sit quietly and clear my mind is my utmost priority every single day, knowing that everything else in my life will benefit from this one small change.

Once I have accomplished this, I know the rest of my day will go more smoothly and I will also feel a sense of accomplishment, even if this doesn’t take me that long! 

STEP THREE: Continue to move down your list.

Making sure #1 gets done first frees me up to move on to the next item on my list: increase my physical strength and stamina. I started lifting weights again in addition to walking, biking and yoga.

Here is the best part – since one of my goals is to get out in nature more and another is to make more time for friends who lift my spirit, I scheduled a walk with one of my soul sisters in a preserve nearby.

BAM! That one action – taking a walk – is essentially accomplishing FOUR of my grapefruit goals.

Walking in nature with a friend I care about not only increases my physical stamina, it deepens my connection with this person, with nature, and with my spirit.

Now THAT is juicy stuff!

Had I not been clear about how important these things are to me, I may still have scheduled that walk, but might not have appreciated all the wonderful things this one activity is doing for me and I might not make the effort to do it again.

So you see how this works?

It’s no joke that what you appreciate, appreciates and that practicing gratitude shines a light on joy, love, health and happiness. Tweet this!

Now here’s the clincher: The more I take action to do the things that lift my spirit, the more energized and motivated I am to get all those other things done, like cleaning my basement and organizing my closets. These by the way, are things I have chosen to put on my list as secondary goals, but together will add up to another grapefruit of mine: Create a home environment that inspires bliss.

It’s all about clarity – and juice!

Now to help hold you accountable, I encourage you to share in the comments below your #1 grapefruit and make this your juciest year yet!

Happy juicing, y’all!


Grapefruit anyone?

One of my favorite lessons from health coaching school was a twist on an old idea.

It goes like this…

If you had one large container in which to fill some nuts and seeds, oranges and grapefruits, which would you put in first?

If you opt for the nuts and seeds first, you would never be able to fit in the grapefruits. There would be no room.

The moral of the story is this:

In life, we have grapefruits — those big juicy things that matter most to us like spending quality time with family, writing a book, or taking care of our bodies. 

But we also have nuts and seeds — those little tasks that need to get done, yet by themselves don’t make or break our wellbeing. Think of cleaning the house, paying bills, or scheduling an oil change for your car.

By prioritizing the very things that matter most serves us well because once those things are getting done, the other more minor tasks get “fit in” more easily into our day, our week, our month and our year. 

As we glide into the new year, ask yourself, What are MY grapefruits?

What are the things I am most grateful for?

What do I truly want to be doing more of this year?

If this is difficult, try looking back at your gratitude journal from the past year – it’s your blueprint for joy.

And if you haven’t been keeping one, today is a great day to get started!

(For next steps, see my next post!)

Happy 2018!

Grapefruit anyone?


Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Is it better to give or receive?

T’was the night before Christmas and under the tree,

My hubby and I placed presents and set up a brand new teepee,

Legos, a monster truck, a sleeping bag and more,

The room was filled with presents galore.

Oh, how I love that I GET TO be Santa now, after all these years of wishing and wanting.

As exhausted as I was, I felt nothing but joy and gratitude as we got things ready for the big surprise come morning.

And surprised I was.

For as we lay in bed taking bets on whether or not our four year old son would come in our room first or head straight downstairs to see what Santa had brought, all I could think about was the look of wonder his face as he saw the all presents under the tree.

But what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Was a sweet child who gently whispered in my ear, 

“Mommy, I have something for you.”

Even as I write this, my heart still melts.

“I have something for YOU.”

That my friend, was not what I was expecting to receive Christmas morning, but it was the greatest, merriest, most wonderful gift of all.

I hope your holidays were filled with the joy of giving AND receiving. Although it often feels so much better to give, remember to keep your heart open to receiving those tiny little miracles you didn’t see coming.

For more inspiration, check out The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra who tells us that being able to both fully give AND receive is important to our wellbeing.

Happy Holidays!


An Envisioning Exercise for the Winter Solstice

Did you know the Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful times for creating a vision of the life you want to have?

On this night — TONIGHT — the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, it is said that the energies align to bring us closer to our true selves.

As the darkness beckons us inward, we begin to hear the whisper of our inner voice. This voice can act as a guiding light, leading us to our deepest desires.

(Note: if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, as I know some of my readers are, then you are celebrating the sun today — the  Summer Solstice — the longest day of the year, and can also tap into the energy that helps you align with your truest self.)

Take some time today or tonight to sit quietly, close your eyes, and just breathe and listen. 

Breath and listen.

Then ask, NOT “What do I want?” but “How do I want to FEEL in 2018?”

Try to pinpoint one word, such as:


TIP: Having just ONE WORD helps you get super clear, which makes you more powerful to attract that feeling into your life. 

Next, think about what might make you feel that way.

Say this affirmation:

“Spirit, guide me to make choices
that will allow me to feel (insert your word here).”

(Remember, ONE WORD.)

Then again, breath and listen.

Breath and listen.

If nothing comes to you, don’t force the answer. Just allow your subconscious mind to marinate on those thoughts. You will discover the answer when you least expect it.

The Winter Solstice is prime time to plant the seeds of your deepest desires. Tweet This!

Breathe. Listen. Dream.

Be grateful for this time you have given yourself today. Inspire others by leaving a comment below.

Sweet dreaming,


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