Beware of Compare

Your new year is off to a great start. You’ve reflected on what makes you happy and blissful and you’ve set your intention for what you want to make happen in 2018.

You get started and things are going really well.

Then it happens.

Your best friend just announces she got engaged, or is buying a new house, or having a baby, signing a super awesome book deal, planning an exotic vacation, or just got promoted, and you start to feel small.

My friend Erena calls this “compare and despair.”

Turns out it’s a real thing, and we now have social media to thank for Obsessive Comparison Disorder.

If only we realized:

Comparison is the thief of joy.
–Theodore Roosevelt

That’s where gratitude comes in.

Whenever you feel yourself stuck in the comparison trap, shift your thoughts to something positive, something you’re grateful for, or something you’ve worked hard at achieving and are now enjoying.

It’s so easy to dismiss how much we do have, when we are focused on what everyone else has.

But don’t ever let comparison derail your joy!

Let Vitamin G be your reminder that you too, are blessed. 

You too, are on your journey to joy.

Only by focusing on what you already have, and what already gives you joy, will you actually have real joy.

Because things by themselves won’t give you joy; enjoying and appreciating things will. Tweet this!

I love you and am so excited for you this year.

To joy!


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