Calm, Healthy and Stress-Free

Are you ready to wake up every day, feeling grateful and alive, and excited about your life?

Are you no longer willing to tolerate feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed on a regular basis?

If so, then you’re ready for Calm, Healthy and Stress-Free, my 3-month group coaching program, where we work on mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle to help you:

  • boost your mood
  • gain focus
  • increase your energy
  • get back to being you

I’m Lorraine Miller and I’m living my dream life.

I built a career I love, I am married to my amazing husband who supports me in everything I do, we are parents to a beautiful, healthy son who is funny, smart, creative, and such a joy to be with, we live in a gorgeous home surrounded by nature, we are all healthy, we love our community of friends and family, and we have the means to do the things we love.

But I didn’t get here by accident.

For years I suffered from anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. This led to chronic fatigue, brain fog, and a low tolerance for stress.

I was constantly looking for ways to feel good.

I decided that natural health was the answer for me and I healed myself through the food and lifestyle choices I made.

Along the way I found amazing tools, strategies, wisdom and trainings to not only help me find my bliss, but to help my clients do this too.

I want to help YOU do the same, without stress, anxiety and overwhelm getting in your way.

What is the Calm, Healthy, and Stress-Free Coaching Program? 

Calm, Healthy, and Stress-Free is a three month, holistic wellness program to support you in ending the stress-anxiety-overwhelm cycle and to create a lifestyle that supports your mental and emotional well-being.

On this immersive journey, you’ll work with me in a group setting to move from stress, overwhelm, and anxiety to feeling calm, focused, healthy and in your power.

What’s included?

  • 6 Live Coaching Sessions. You’ll be able to attend live Zoom sessions 2x each month where you will receive support around your goals and challenges. You’ll also connect with other like-minded people who are ready to take their life back by saying no to stress and overwhelm, and yes to a lifestyle that supports their overall happiness. When we come together in community around our mental and emotional health, we heal.
  • Trainings and more. You’ll receive access to training videos, worksheets, and guided meditations to inspire you with knowledge, strategies, tips and guidance.
  • Membership in my online community. You’ll become a member of the Calm, Healthy and Stress-Free private online community. Being part of this community will allow you to make connections, receive additional support in between coaching sessions, hold yourself accountable, and be motivated to stay in the game.

What’s covered?

Month 1: Mindset Mastery

  • During Month 1, we will work deeply with mindset and create breakthroughs in your thought patterns to set you up for success.
  • You’ll learn how to notice negative patterns and reframe them so you can support yourself and have your own back.
  • You’ll create a vision for your ultimate success in this program and set achievable goals around mood, weight, stress and more.

Month 2: Food and Fasting

  • During Month 2, we will identify any holes in your diet and where you may be missing essential nutrients.
  • You will explore the connection between food and mood and create a nutrition plan that supports your mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • You will begin to implement strategies for eating in a way that promotes strength and healing through intermittent fasting.

Month 3: Sustaining Success

  • We will work to make sure the changes you’ve made so far will be lasting and sustainable for the long game.
  • You will identify trouble areas and get support to overcome any challenges.
  • You will create practical plan moving forward on your own or with the support of the group.

Calm, Healthy and Stress-Free is right for you if…

  • You’re ready to wake up every day feeling grateful and full of life
  • You’re no longer willing to tolerate feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed on a regular basis.
  • You’re ready to step up in creating mental clarity, emotional balance, and more energy every day.
  • You’re ready to look at how food and other lifestyle choices affect your mood and make changes to your daily routine where needed.
  • You’re serious and committed to doing the inner work, trusting the process, and appreciating every step of the way!

Your investment: $597 USD*

*Introductory “Early Bird” Pricing, when you enroll by July 5, 2024! (Calm, Healthy and Stress-Free is $997 when you enroll after July 5, 2024)

Want to learn more or to enroll?

Book a free breakthrough session with me here so we can make sure this program is right for you!

Note: Your breakthrough session will happen on Zoom.

I look forward to connecting!




Here are some things my group members are saying:

“I find YOU helpful. Everything you teach about gratitude really does work.”

“I like the monthly topics and that Lorraine is so thorough with the material, explains it so clearly, and she makes everyone feel included without pressuring anyone.”

“Definitely improved my mood and mental health.”

“I feel more aware.”

“This program was so helpful in changing my self-talk and I have a more positive attitude.”



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