An Envisioning Exercise for the Winter Solstice

Did you know the Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful times for creating a vision of the life you want to have?

On this night — TONIGHT — the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, it is said that the energies align to bring us closer to our true selves.

As the darkness beckons us inward, we begin to hear the whisper of our inner voice. This voice can act as a guiding light, leading us to our deepest desires.

(Note: if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, as I know some of my readers are, then you are celebrating the sun today — the  Summer Solstice — the longest day of the year, and can also tap into the energy that helps you align with your truest self.)

Take some time today or tonight to sit quietly, close your eyes, and just breathe and listen. 

Breath and listen.

Then ask, NOT “What do I want?” but “How do I want to FEEL in 2018?”

Try to pinpoint one word, such as:


TIP: Having just ONE WORD helps you get super clear, which makes you more powerful to attract that feeling into your life. 

Next, think about what might make you feel that way.

Say this affirmation:

“Spirit, guide me to make choices
that will allow me to feel (insert your word here).”

(Remember, ONE WORD.)

Then again, breath and listen.

Breath and listen.

If nothing comes to you, don’t force the answer. Just allow your subconscious mind to marinate on those thoughts. You will discover the answer when you least expect it.

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Breathe. Listen. Dream.

Be grateful for this time you have given yourself today. Inspire others by leaving a comment below.

Sweet dreaming,


Gratitude to the Rescue!

I’m running late. I forgot something. I have to go back to my house. I trip over a toy I asked my son to put away. I finally make it outside and realize I forgot my umbrella and need to go back again because it’s starting to rain. And I have a ton of things I need to get done today. The holidays are here and I have too much o my plate! UGH!

What’s a girl to do?

Whenever I feel this frustrating scenario overtaking me, I make a point to stop myself in my tracks. Even though it will slow me down even more, it’s worth it. I take a few deep breaths. I close my eyes. And I think of a few things I am grateful for. Although I am in a rush, I allow myself to really feel how lucky and how blessed I am, even in that moment of frustration, anger, and stress.  

And voila! Just like that I am ME again.

Try it. 

Then hop on over to my Facebook page and let me know how it goes!

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Focus on YOU

Here is one of my favorite gratitude tips, found on page 46 of the Gratitude to Bliss journal:

Focus on YOU. Do one thing each week that really makes your heart sing, something you would feel truly grateful for. Know that this act of self-love will nourish you like no food can.

This tip is even more amazing when it comes to the holidays. 

A few years ago I asked myself, “What do I like and not like about the holidays?” as a way to figure out how to ENJOY the holidays instead of rushing to “get through” them year after year.

And what I discovered is that I LOVE the true meaning of the Christmas and Chanukah lights. 

Intentionally bringing light into our lives during the darkest time of the year is a beautiful ritual I find rejuvenating. 

I also love being outside. So every year since then I make it a priority to do outdoor activities, especially tree lighting events.

I check the calendar in early November and prioritize tree lightings. 

This simple act of planning gets me in the holiday spirit and helps me stay focused on the joyful, peaceful and fun parts of the holidays instead of stress and overwhelm (yuck!).

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So what do YOU want to do this holiday season? What would help YOU feel more joy, peace, and FUN this year?

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My Recipe for Special Sauce

Do you know what the secret ingredient is to practicing Vitamin G, the daily practice I follow and teach?

It’s this:

Focus on the FEELING you have when you think about what you’re grateful for. 

Without this, your focus stays in your HEAD. But where you really need to be is in your HEART.

This key ingredient – the special sauce – elevates your gratitude practice to a higher level. 

A game-changer for sure.

So take some time today, in between travels, mashed potatoes, fourth downs and pumpkin pie to focus on how you feel in your heart when you think of those special people and things that give you joy. And for those of you outside of the States, I invite you to play along. 

Another tip: 

Be specific. For example, instead of saying, “I’m grateful for my family,” which is true, my gratitude list looks something more like this:

I am grateful for my husband for buying and cooking the turkey. I feel so supported in our holiday hosting and that makes it so much more fun.

I then close my eyes and focus on my heart and allow my feeling supported to fill me up from head to toe. 

Special sauce doesn’t take all that much time, just a few extra minutes to nourish yourself with all the perks gratitude brings.

Because too many times we are so focused on nourishing our bellies on this holiday, that we rush around shopping, preparing, traveling, and getting stressed, and we actually forget how much more nourishing gratitude is all by itself.

So eat, drink, love and laugh today, but as you do, fill your heart even more than your tummy.

You’ll be so grateful you did.

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To special sauce!

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What if age was just a feeling?

If you’ve been reading my emails lately, you know that I recently turned 50. But what you did’t know is that I really didn’t want to.

I resisted.

I dreaded the idea of it.

I reluctantly struggled to find a way to celebrate something I wished wasn’t happening. Should I have a party? Should I go away for the weekend? Oh, what should I do????

And I longed for the days when I was, well, younger.

Having a four year old made it very easy for me to hide behind my age.

So whenever the subject of age came up amongst my Mom friends, I would cringe. I would feel awkward. What if people found out how old I really am? What then?

But as the days drew closer, I decided this hiding behind a number thing had to stop.

The fact was, I was about to turn 50 years old.


That was something to celebrate. That was not something to avoid, hide, belittle or resist.

Afterall, practicing gratitude has taught me to appreciate everything so how could I not appreciate the past 50 years of my life?

I decided to embrace 50 and guess what happened? 

Acceptance suddenly set me free.

I decided to throw a really fun party for me and my girlfriends. We ate organic food, chatted up a storm and made necklaces together. And I was the birthday girl! I felt like I was 12 again.

So, what if age really IS just a number?

And what if YOU could decide what that number means to you?

What if …

50 = FREE

43 = SEXY



75 = FUN



94 = WILD

You get the idea.

It’s so not about the number, but rather, the FEELING you want to have, right now, in this moment, despite the calendar.

But don’t let me decide. Give it a try.

Remember, age is just a feeling – and you get to CHOOSE whatever feeling you want.  Tweet This!

How do you want to FEEL today?

Please share in the comments below!

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