Gratitude Now Trending

It’s official, gratitude season is here!

Soon everywhere you look, print and social media will be trending the G word and I think that’s a really good thing.  Because let’s face it – we need reminders.

But have you ever thought about why it is important to you to be grateful?

why should you make an effort to be more grateful?  More importantly, why should you want to?

My short answer:  IT FEELS GREAT!

Being grateful is something I do for myself.  It’s a tool I use, much like getting a massage, to lift me up and calm me down.  With the holidays coming, it’s all about avoiding stress and staying healthy.  And being grounded in gratitude is just the thing to help me with that.

So let’s start now.  What are 3-5 things YOU are grateful for today?  Post in the comments below.

Remember, keep it simple.  Maybe you’re grateful that a new organic juice bar opened up right near your office.  Or that Modern Family is finally back after summer hiatus.  It doesn’t’ have to be monumental.  It’s the often overlooked little things that are most worth appreciating!

Once you have your list, let’s see how these things make you feel.

Gratitude to Bliss Tip: it’s not the thought, but the feeling tied to that thought that matters!

Take a deep breath and really allow yourself to notice how being grateful feel sin your body.  In your heart.  And let this feeling energize you and heal whatever needs healing right now.  Go for it.  You’re worth it.

Here’s my list for today:

  1. Beautiful fall colors all around me
  2. Being able to balance quality time with my son AND creative work that fuels my passion for health and wellness.
  3. My new super gorgeous web site
  4. Getting to yoga twice this week



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