Focus on YOU

Here is one of my favorite gratitude tips, found on page 46 of the Gratitude to Bliss journal:

Focus on YOU. Do one thing each week that really makes your heart sing, something you would feel truly grateful for. Know that this act of self-love will nourish you like no food can.

This tip is even more amazing when it comes to the holidays. 

A few years ago I asked myself, “What do I like and not like about the holidays?” as a way to figure out how to ENJOY the holidays instead of rushing to “get through” them year after year.

And what I discovered is that I LOVE the true meaning of the Christmas and Chanukah lights. 

Intentionally bringing light into our lives during the darkest time of the year is a beautiful ritual I find rejuvenating. 

I also love being outside. So every year since then I make it a priority to do outdoor activities, especially tree lighting events.

I check the calendar in early November and prioritize tree lightings. 

This simple act of planning gets me in the holiday spirit and helps me stay focused on the joyful, peaceful and fun parts of the holidays instead of stress and overwhelm (yuck!).

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So what do YOU want to do this holiday season? What would help YOU feel more joy, peace, and FUN this year?

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