My Recipe for Special Sauce

Do you know what the secret ingredient is to practicing Vitamin G, the daily practice I follow and teach?

It’s this:

Focus on the FEELING you have when you think about what you’re grateful for. 

Without this, your focus stays in your HEAD. But where you really need to be is in your HEART.

This key ingredient – the special sauce – elevates your gratitude practice to a higher level. 

A game-changer for sure.

So take some time today, in between travels, mashed potatoes, fourth downs and pumpkin pie to focus on how you feel in your heart when you think of those special people and things that give you joy. And for those of you outside of the States, I invite you to play along. 

Another tip: 

Be specific. For example, instead of saying, “I’m grateful for my family,” which is true, my gratitude list looks something more like this:

I am grateful for my husband for buying and cooking the turkey. I feel so supported in our holiday hosting and that makes it so much more fun.

I then close my eyes and focus on my heart and allow my feeling supported to fill me up from head to toe. 

Special sauce doesn’t take all that much time, just a few extra minutes to nourish yourself with all the perks gratitude brings.

Because too many times we are so focused on nourishing our bellies on this holiday, that we rush around shopping, preparing, traveling, and getting stressed, and we actually forget how much more nourishing gratitude is all by itself.

So eat, drink, love and laugh today, but as you do, fill your heart even more than your tummy.

You’ll be so grateful you did.

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To special sauce!

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